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  • n. In thermodynamics, a measure of the actual potential of a system to do work.
  • n. In systems energetics, entropy-free energy.


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  • Some of these forms are based on concepts developed in the energy analysis literature such as exergy or emergy analysis.

    Energy quality

  • In Thermodynamics, it is called a "Perpetual Motion Machine", one that delivers useful work output, which exceeds the intrinsic value (known as "exergy") of its energy input. Home Page

  • The study, carried out by Abolfazl Ahmadi and Mehdi Ali Ehyaei of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Iran University of Science and Technology-Arak Branch, in Arak, investigated the "exergy" of wind power.

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  • Göran Wall is an independent teacher, researcher, and consultant, at present engaged in the E Group, an international group to increase the understanding and the use of the exergy concept, the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and an editor of Exergy, An International Journal.

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  • As Hornborg put it in 1998, “market prices are the means by which world system centres extract exergy (i.e. available energy) from the peripheries”, aided some times by military power.

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  • Nuclear power in this format has an exergy ration of many thousands.

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  • Mechanical exergy is known as kinetic energy, while thermal exergy is more familiarly known as heat.


  • Unlabeled dashed circles along these paths represent natural exergy destruction processes such as precipitation and plant decay that are small compared to the natural destruction modes of solar exergy.


  • Exergy flux is represented by paths ending in shaded areas of natural exergy destruction or arrows representing anthropogenic destruction for energy services.


  • Chemical exergy is used in chemical engineering and thermoeconomics for process optimization, but also in economics and environmental science.



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