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  • adj. Of, or relating to the grammatical case that in some languages indicates the transition away from a state.
  • n. The exessive case, or a word in that case.


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ex- (“out of”) +‎ essive


  • Qwest service agreement covers "exessive" bandwidth consumption, and gives Qwest the right to suspend, terminate, or limit your broadband service should you gobble up an unspecified amount of bandwidth.

    DSLreports - front page

  • Compared to a Finno-Ugric language like Estonian or Hungarian, which has tons of cases with exotic names like the inessive, superessive, ablative, translative, and exessive, English seems as poor as a pauper on payday.

    2009 October « Motivated Grammar

  • To answer your? yes care, although they do test fire at factory there should be no reason for exessive fouling usally 3 rounds is the norm for shotguns.

    Dirty guns sold as new

  • Limited number of medical school slots, exessive schooling costs and a total refusal to look at those programs that other industrial nations use to provide medical care escape the American public as medical lobbist call the shots in Washington.

    Health tax is in flux. Now what?

  • Tyranny has already been surpassed our right to prevent it by the exessive sale of guns.

    Congresswoman, Twelve Others Shot In Arizona

  • Supposedly being "too black" is way worse than violating the constitution on countless occasions and getting over 4000 of our troops killed in an illegal war, too saying nothing about destroying our economy with the afore-mentioned war, exessive tax breaks and tax loopholes for big business, and a lack of any plan to switch to alternative fuels.

    Obama: GOP trying to make me and Michelle 'scary'

  • With this in mind, it's interesting to note that Hillary's speech was less consciously about defining herself against previous Democratic failures rooted in exessive liberalism than Bill's was.

    Hilllary Has Her DLC Moment

  • Yes | No | Report from Tero the Finn wrote 2 years 28 weeks ago to Henry CarlileThe Finnish Mosin-Nagant has probably a. 308-barrel so with the eastern block surpluss ammo it will create exessive pressure.

    The Worst Guns of All Time

  • The acting was fine, Gerard was wonderful, and hot, there were some scenes that were suspenseful and some that were suprising, romantic, and heroic, but there were so many boring battle scenes (not that the violence was exessive, it wasnt) that I almost prayed that a rabid bunny rabbit would come and attack them all.

    dailycomic Diary Entry

  • Todays comic almost didnt happen due to the exessive heat!

    dailycomic Diary Entry


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