exhibitionistically love



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  • adv. In an exhibitionistic manner.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

exhibitionistic +‎ -ally


  • The metro room is fully exposed to the parking lot of the strip mall through enormous sheets of glass, which not only force you to exhibitionistically display your skills with the grills to any passing barbecue voyeurs, but also lets all forms of light from the outside, whether headlights or classy neon lights from neighboring establishments, filter into the metro room, creating a spotlight within this fishbowl.

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  • Not everyone is quite as exhibitionistically inclined as I, after all. previous - next latest entry about me archives notes

    Happy Happy New New Year, Butros Butros Gali!

  • The exhibitionistically inclined girls of 2ch return once again, anonymously exposing their breasts to their legion of equally …

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  • The more exhibitionistically inclined female denizens of 2ch, generally known as "megami" or goddesses, are visible in this …

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  • Ultrasecretive about his artistic provenance, Bacon was exhibitionistically frank about the traumatic adolescent events that would define his role as an artist as well as a lover.

    The New York Review of Books

  • No tropical paradise would be complete without erotic extremes in fashion, and this scene of an idol exhibitionistically

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