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  • n. Plural form of exhilaration.


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  • Beyond them, those who know best the tensions and exhilarations of an opening 100 days are probably the former White House chiefs of staff.

    Insight From People Who Have Been There

  • In fact, Hospital at times reads more like a book about the trials and exhilarations of 21st-century urban diversity than about, well, a hospital.

    Bay Ridge's Anatomy

  • It was in the mid-1890s that a prairie populist, Rep. William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska, voicing the resentments of rural borrowers against urban lenders, put the Democratic Party squarely on the losing side of an argument about "" hard '' versus "" soft '' money, an argument about how America should pursue economic dynamism, with all its exhilarations and hazards.

    The Restoration

  • As for the passions, and studies of the mind; avoid envy, anxious fears; anger fretting inwards; subtle and knotty inquisitions; joys and exhilarations in excess; sadness not communicated.

    The Essays

  • Prickles of exhilarations sparkled through Antony, banishing his megrims.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • Those who bother with American Dream will live as close as we have much chance to get these days to the initial exhilarations, the middle torments, and the final disaster of people who were too simple to know that to lift up your head and fight for your dignity is to get your teeth knocked in.

    Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

  • I caught her, steadied her in my arms, and that felt good, one with the other old exhilarations that came coursing through me.

    The Gates of Noon

  • But the young man was in no mood for an elaborate exchange of exhilarations.

    Golden Stories A Selection of the Best Fiction by the Foremost Writers

  • His happy constitution, wrote his cousin Lady Mary, "made him forget everything when he was before a venison pasty or a flask of champagne"; but behind those healthy exhilarations was, assuredly, a serenity based on

    Henry Fielding: a Memoir

  • After the toils, rebuffs, and exhilarations of the day, after piaffing busily on the lethal typewriter or _schreibmaschine_ for some hours, a drowsy languor begins to numb the sense.



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