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  • adj. Pertaining to, or occurring in the nearby region of space outside the Earth's atmosphere


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From exo- +‎ atmospheric.


  • For those who thought missile defense could never work, this is another successful demonstration that the capability exists to use a exoatmospheric kill vehicle EKV to knock out a object in space using purely kinetic energy.

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  • Arrow 3, which Kreis is in charge of developing, is meant to provide an extra tier of protection through the exoatmospheric interception of ballistic missiles.

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  • China's Jan. 11 test of exoatmospheric missile interception is worth paying attention to-especially in Washington.

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  • The Type 2 communications device is almost completely insusceptible to any form of QRM, though it would doubtless be damaged (perhaps not irreparably) by a direct lightning strike or an exoatmospheric thermonuclear explosion, and might be capable of detecting the emissions from an immediately adjacent QRO commercial transmitter, though these would be unlikely to degrade its SNR beyond usability.

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  • This problem may be less in the case of the Arrow-3, which is planned as an exoatmospheric interceptor that can hit and destroy intermediate-range ballistic missiles 60 miles above the surface of Earth.

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  • - SM-3 BLK I and especially II will be capable of exoatmospheric intercept, which means the discrimination problem remains a problem.

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  • Research and experiments on prototype models of a particle beam weapon conducted after 1980 defined two basic types of weapons: those that would be used exclusively in space, or exoatmospheric weapons, and those that would be deployed on Earth against targets like incoming missile warheads.

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