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  • n. Origin from without: said of a disease arising from external causes.


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  • A related but separate theory called "exogenesis" posits that life began somewhere other than Earth and was delivered here.

  • I might have written more, if I'd not had to spend so much time reading and researching and answering questions about astrochemistry, spectroscopy, exogenesis, organic chemistry, and South Korean history.

    "Ko agi agi boroi tika oli oe lau?"*

  • Probably, the huntsman thought, gestation had been uterine, to save the cost of exogenesis.

    The Stars Are Also Fire

  • We never made provision for exogenesis, in case something clobbered us.

    Inconstant Star

  • Chanthavar had explained that they were his personal slaves and the result of chromosome duplication in an exogenesis tank.

    The Long Way Home

  • Definitely adding to the ideas for an exogenesis-related explanation for life on Earth.


  • This is said to symbolize panspermia, exogenesis symphonies, and the "space shuttle earth" concept.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • A few scientists support the idea of panspermia ( "all seed"), according to which life exist all over the universe, or the more moderate concept of exogenesis ( "outside origin") where life on Earth originated elsewhere, maybe in the form of extraterrestrial microbes brought here with meteorites.

    The Brussels Journal - The Voice of Conservatism in Europe

  • If you have a right to something it really doesn’t matter what the politic thinks, as the legal system we all exist under gives me that right, exogenesis to what “the people” think.

    California Legislature Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law; Schwarzenegger hints he’ll veto

  • [12] openly speculated on a form of exogenesis called directed panspermia, in which such an extraterrestrial nation-state fired a brace of missiles, each laden with bacteria and/or blue-green algae, in all directions.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]


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