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  • n. Plural form of exosome.


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  • In the study, tiny vesicles known as exosomes released by human and mouse tumor cells were found to have the molecule Hsp72 on their surface.

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  • Tiny vesicles called exosomes released into the bloodstream from aggressive brain tumors contain gen ...


  • Tiny vesicles called exosomes released into the bloodstream from aggressive brain tumors contain genetic signatures that may help guide future diagnosis and treatment of this deadly disease.


  • Nature Cell Biology, which is receiving early online release, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers describe finding tumor-associated RNA and proteins in membrane microvesicles called exosomes in blood samples from glioblastoma patients.

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  • researchers said on Sunday … These membrane-covered packets, called exosomes, represent a new way of getting information about a cancer, offering a means of choosing the best therapy, seeing how a patient responds to treatment, and possibly offering a way to deliver therapies back to the tumor.

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  • They used the body's own transporters - exosomes - to deliver drugs in an experiment on mice.

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  • They then fused the exosomes with targeting proteins from the rabies virus, which binds to acetylcholine receptors in brain cells, so the exosome would target the brain.

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  • Dr Wood said: We are working on sending exosomes to muscle, but you can envisage targeting any tissue.

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  • Dr Susanne Sorensen Alzheimer's Society The team at Oxford harvested exosomes from mouse dentritic cells, part of the immune system, which naturally produce large numbers of exosomes.

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  • They filled the exosomes with a piece of genetic code, siRNA, and injected them back into the mice.

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