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  • adj. exothermic

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  • adj. (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with the liberation of heat


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  • This could be heat of reaction the Democrats need to make this campaign finally go exothermal.

    CBS Faults McCain Ad Featuring Katie Couric As "Misleading"

  • The combustion of a fuel in a mixture with air (or actually oxygen O2) is an exothermal process in which the chemically bound energy of the fuel is released to generate heat energy while the chemical binding is changed and the combustion product remains at a lower level of energy.

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  • In an exothermal chemical reaction, the energy of those electron states is lower than the energy of the electron states before the reaction, and energy is released in another form (photons, kinetic energy, etc.).


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    Rational Review

  • Finally, the samples were then slowly cooled to − 30°C (1°C/min), and the hold and onset of the freeze exothermal curve were recorded for each DSC cycle (

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