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  • v. To make (something banal) seem to be exotic.


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exotic +‎ -ize


  • Flores warns that we should be careful not to "exoticize" our fertile mythological world, to write of such strangeness for the sake of addressing a particular audience, lest we lose the original honesty of what is Filipino in them.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • With a tendency to exoticize his own culture, he slept in tents, professed the goodness of the Bedouin ethos, and wrote poems on the corruption of urban life.

    Igor Cherstich: Qaddafi Death Shows He Was Just a Man

  • They actually have everything going in their life, but find a spiritual and emotional lack in their lives and rather than trying to find their own lives in their own country they exoticize the cultures of others as being more fulfilled than theirs and think by going on a soul searching journey, while leaving behind their responsibilities, they'll find inner peace.

    Hani Almadhoun: 7 Americans the World Hates

  • I wanted to sort of "de-exoticize" the idea of the Muslim-American family -- to allow readers to learn about Kathy's conversion [to Islam] and see the functioning of a family that is exactly like their own.

    Wajahat Ali: A Muslim American Hero: A Conversation With Dave Eggers on Zeitoun

  • They game will be to exoticize Barack and turn him into a crypto-Muslim/terror sympathizer.

    Obama: I Traveled To Pakistan In College

  • It's entirely plausible for a 50ish white guy in late-'70s/early-'80s America to exoticize a woman in this way -- heck, it's unfortunately still plausible today -- and it's also plausible that a certain sort of Kenyan father might want his daughter to be "circumcised" in the traditional way -- but I am a little bit queasy about the reason Tiptree seems to have chosen to include these details.

    Up the Walls of the World

  • As they unfolded their lives to me, the people I met reclaimed Chinatown from those who exoticize it as an unknowable place with mysterious denizens, a violent gangland setting appropriate for a video game entitled “Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.”

    American Chinatown

  • To judge from her account, Aldridge deliberately manipulated and banked on the audience's inclination to exoticize him: when he played Othello, he insisted that the actress to play Desdemona be as fair-skinned as possible, because he had a bit of business where he took her hand in such a way as to emphasize the difference in their skin tones.

    APED: "monster anti-defamation league free verse"

  • Perhaps, too, because the archetypical exchange student is hot; that may be a corollary of the fact that we exoticize the other, but, well, dude! foreign exchange students!

    “TASTY AND FOREIGN” » Sociological Images

  • Being aware of and understanding that many many white guys exoticize many many yellow, brown, and black guys is not a function of race bringing me down, but instead is a state that confronts race from both personal and sociological points of view.

    Race politics and interpersonal relationships


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