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  • n. A poisonous substance secreted by a microorganism and released into the medium in which it grows.

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  • n. Any toxin secreted by a microorganism into the surrounding environment.

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  • n. a toxin that is secreted by microorganisms into the surrounding medium


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  • If you were real, you'd never know it was going to hit ... or if that last sausage you'd gobbled had the staphylococcal exotoxin in it.

    In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film

  • With that lead, Moeller's team established that the Pfiesteria cell can produce a copper-containing exotoxin -- a toxin produced external to the cell itself -- possibly as a mechanism to protect itself from copper in the environment.

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  • Alarmingly, since the 1980s S. pyogenes has been identified to be globally responsible for a class of emerging, life threatening, invasive infections including the "flesh-eating" disease, necrotizing fasciitis, septicemia, and the excretion of the pyrogenic exotoxin-associated toxic shock syndrome

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  • It is caused by Staphylococcus aureus Phage Type 71 due to liberation of the exotoxin exfoliation.

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  • Slide 64: Example-Cholera is called by a  bacterial exotoxin that causes the human gut to release chloride ions in to the gut and water follows by osmosis

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  • Furthermore, insights into the actions of PaCD and eukaryotic neutral CDases as an exotoxin and mediators of sphingolipid signaling are also

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  • D.M. tuberculosis produce an exotoxin and contain an endotoxin in its cell wall

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  • The lethal effect of B. anthracis are due to an exotoxin system

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  • The experiments identified a previously uncharacterized gene as essential for intoxication by diphtheria toxin and exotoxin A toxicity, and a cell surface protein needed for cytolethal distending toxin toxicity. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Pai LH, Wittes R, Setser A, Willingham MC, Pastan I (1996) Treatment of advanced solid tumors with immunotoxin LMB-1: an antibody linked to Pseudomonas exotoxin.

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