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  • adv. In an expectable manner


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  • Unfortunately but expectably, the facts and ideas discussed in those postings are still as relevant six months later as when the original postings occurred.

    Lessons From The Philippines Insurrection And Our Overthrow Of Mossadegh, Part II.

  • Among them, expectably, was the tall forbidding figure of Luis Quental.

    River Of Desire

  • Jung expectably favored the concept of a universal - ized Heldenleben, which was recapitulated in the de - velopment of the individual personality; each stage had its rite of initiation, but came under the patronage of


  • That is happening already, most noticeably in the appearance of timber industries that operate, expectably, without regard for forest ecology.

    Energy Bulletin -

  • Connie Buck, general manager of the Econo Lodge Inn and Suites in Shamokin Dam, can already see the skyscraper of empty pizza boxes that will expectably be stacked at the Dumpster come Sunday night.


  • Note, however, that you might encounter some bugbears when buying land abroad - expectably there'll be a million steps when devising a plan, popping in or buying.


  • There could well be troubles when trying to buy properties abroad: expectably there'll be 100s of steps to follow when planning, visiting or completing.

    Business Finance Marketing

  • Mr. Hill, a VERBATIM reader and faithful correspondent, was the principal author of a Stylebook which is replete with admonitions like "disregard Web." he explains that "Webster's Third expectably fuzzes over many ... distinctions or even lists some pairs [of words often confused and erroneously interchanged by careless or ignorant or imprecise writers (and speakers in some cases)] as synonyms."

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol V No 2

  • It’s that you’re so blatantly partisan and one-sided that we, as mature, politically anti-aligned adults, being already so sick and tired of the same kind of one-sided partisan bias from the monosource media, find more of the same from someone in the ‘new’ media, who should expectably know and do better, even more repulsive and off-putting.

    Asymmetrical Warfare, Fafblog Style | Blog | Futurismic


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