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  • n. Plural form of expectoration.


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  • In El Paso, churches, hotels, halls of assembly, stores, markets, banking rooms, railroad depots, and saloons are required to provide spittoons “of a kind and number to efficiently contain expectorations into them.”

    Weird US Laws

  • Tiger Woods and his not-so-great expectorations | Harry Pearson

    Tiger Woods and his not-so-great expectorations | Harry Pearson

  • A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times's Jeff Zeleny reported that Democrats were avoiding making town hall appearances in order to avoid the "voter rage" -- that is to say, the angry expectorations of the anti-health care reform set -- that dominated the YouTubes during the run-up to the reform package's eventual passage.

    Dems Skipping Town Halls? Not Really

  • If they were allowed inside, they would kneel on a sawdust floor that had been befouled by years of spilled drinks and the expectorations of men who had missed, or never tried for, the spittoon; if not, they would remain outside, hunched for hours against the winter cold.


  • I can hear the neighborhood waking up, a phlegmatic reveille played on collapsing metal bars and security shutters, with a gathering army of grandmothers pulling wheezy basket carts to the supermarket for their Sunday shopping trips and their old husbands shuffling behind them and spitting on the sidewalks, their expectorations horns heralding the arrival of some urban, impoverished sun king.

    The Madonnas of Echo Park

  • Besides its essential hardness and coldness, the oaken boards were blotched with expectorations, spills, and forms of filth I didn't wish even to contemplate.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Please use the term adult offspring in your online expectorations.

    The Spring Break Nostalgia Café.

  • Unfortunately, though, my contemplations were drowned out by the sounds of a nearby homeless man engaging in his morning expectorations, so I just got back on my bike and started riding again lest I be forced to witness his blackened lung actually emerging from his mouth like a balloon covered in seaweed.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: The Dog Days

  • On the twentieth, sweat, apyrexia; but after the crisis he was thirsty, and the expectorations were not good.

    Of The Epidemics

  • In fevers not of the intermittent type, expectorations which are livid bloody, fetid and bilious, are all bad; but if evacuated properly, they are favorable.



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