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  • adj. Capable of being experienced.


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experience +‎ -able


  • Inviting a discussion about what it means to be described: does it capture a set of experienceable qualities? does it translate knowns into an amalgamated metaphor of you? does it provide something new, something other, which isn't a document of tangibles but of an idea of you?

    Vanilla and spring air

  • For Croce, they are bottom the same error, the error of abstracting from ordinary experience to something not literally experienceable.

    Croce's Aesthetics

  • So analytic and synthetic a priori judgments sharply differ not only in the nature of their semantic content (concept-based vs. intuition-based) but also in their modal scope (true in all logically possible worlds vs. true in all and only humanly experienceable worlds and truth-valueless otherwise).

    Kant's Theory of Judgment

  • Yet in my opinion we should be wise ¦ to restrict our universe of philosophical discourse to what is experienced or, at least, experienceable.

    Neutral Monism

  • It is within the phenomenal or experienceable realm that language has developed and it is to this that it literally applies.

    Warranted Christian Belief

  • God is here no longer, as in the seventeenth century, the experienceable and knowable ground of finite being, human autonomy, moral experi - ence, and future hope; for Kant, the idea of God is rather (in part) the implication of an unknowable ideal of pure reason, supplementing an autonomously studied nature, and (much more surely) the consequence and so the postulate of autonomously acting moral reason.


  • Pragmatist changes the nature of truth, redefining it as the definitely experienceable success which attends the working of certain ideas and judgments; and in so doing he grants precisely what the Sceptic seeks to prove, namely, that our cognitive faculties are incapable of knowing reality as it is.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Tournely-Zwirner

  • As I myself understand these authors, we all three absolutely agree in admitting the transcendency of the object (provided it be an experienceable object) to the subject, in the truth-relation.

    Meaning of Truth

  • Reducing, by the pragmatic test, the meaning of each of these concepts to its positive experienceable operation, I showed them all to mean the same thing, viz., the presence of 'promise' in the world.

    Meaning of Truth

  • The experienceable environment, as the vehicle or medium connecting knower with known, and yielding the cognitive RELATION;

    Meaning of Truth


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