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  • v. Present participle of experiment.


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  • Sometimes, when I heard the phrase experimenting with drugs, I imagined someone in a white coat excitedly emerging from a lab carrying a smoking beaker and shouting, I found it, I found it!

    Wishful Drinking

  • China has made progress in experimenting with state-of-the-art and complex financial derivatives in recent years and has introduced hedging tools such as interest-rate swaps and foreign-exchange swaps that are being used more widely.

    China Launches Trial of Credit Derivatives

  • Removing these barriers would encourage health insurance companies to begin experimenting with carrot and stick approaches to healthy lifestyles ...

    Health Insurance Regulation, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Knowing that its current audience consists of tech-savvy tinkerers interested in experimenting with new computing platforms, Marvell designed the Sheevaplug to run on the Linux operating system, whose source code is freely available for anyone to use.

    Linux computer ‘the size of a brick’

  • Charmian climbed up alongside, and Nakata got into the rear seat with the typewriter -- Nakata, who sailed cabin-boy on the Snark for two years and who had shown himself afraid of nothing, not even of me and my amateur jamborees in experimenting with new modes of locomotion.


  • From this description we understand that McKenzie is writing a variation of the "bildungsroman" (the coming-of-age novel), and that she is taking something of a risk in experimenting with the form.

    Book Reviewing

  • New attention has focused on young women today and their interest in experimenting with their own sexual identity, which Rust says is because the young are more open about sexuality and are more tolerant.

    Women's bisexuality an 'identity,' not phase

  • I think all this innovating and experimenting is fine, as long as in the end, the user determines the configuration of his or her feature set.

    The Hidden Danger of Gmail Labs - Bits Blog -

  • It may seem a little unusual because of the inclusion of spelt at first, but that also makes it a great recipe to start with if you want to begin experimenting with non-wheat flours in your baking.

    Spelt White Bread | Baking Bites

  • Hypothesizing and experimenting is how scientists overcome ignorance.

    Assessing Causality


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