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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of expiate.


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  • The nation is not part of Bill's psychodrama, where he expiates guilt for screwing over his wife and daughter, owing him the chance to do that for them.

    WSJ: Bill Clinton Urges Hillary's Campaign To Keep Going, Go More Negative

  • And the New Testament is drawing on the Hebrew Bible, where blood expiates for sin, as you know.

    What Do You Say That I Did?

  • He inclined towards all that groans and all that expiates.

    Les Miserables

  • The ruffian has two heads, one of which reasons out his actions and leads him all his life long, and the other which he has upon his shoulders on the day of his death; he calls the head which counsels him in crime la sorbonne, and the head which expiates it la tronche. —

    Les Miserables

  • The angel in the last scene of the movie at about 1:44:30 here protects the couple in the name of love, even though their love was inspired by carnal desire and corrupted by the Devil and condemned by society and brought them both to their deaths, and calls loveThe Word that wings joyfully throughout the universe, The Word that appeases every pain and grief, The Word that expiates all human guilt, the Eternal Word...

    Murnau's Faust

  • Madoc's success as a colonist who achieves complete sameness with those he colonizes, and who therefore expiates the violence of his conquest, is thus ultimately contingent on his destruction by a later and less scrupulous European expansionism.

    The Allure of the Same: Robert Southey's Welsh Indians and the Rhetoric of Good Colonialism

  • Is this the honesty of a man who refuses to play the conventional (and excruciatingly European!) game of the ashamed billionaire who expiates his success and strives to appear acceptable — or is it the height of self-punishment and modesty?

    In the Footsteps of Tocqueville (Part V)

  • Our own opinion is, that if capital punishment is justifiable in any case, it is in the case of the slave trader, and if Gordon expiates his … offense against heaven and humanity upon the gallows, no one save his guilty companions and sympathizers will complain.42

    Hanging Captain Gordon

  • He that transgresses a negative precept and repents, his repentance suspends judgment, and the day of expiation expiates him; as it is said, 'This day shall all your uncleannesses be expiated to you.'

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • "A man's table now expiates by alms, as heretofore the altar did by sacrifice."

    From the Talmud and Hebraica


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