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  • n. One whose term has expired; specifically, a convict whose term of imprisonment or transportation has expired.


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From expire +‎ -ee.


  • Indeed, when the year after, John Carr blossomed into an "expiree", master of a fine wife and a fine fortune, there were many about him who would have made his existence in Australia pleasant enough.

    For the term of his natural life

  • But this was an utter non possimus with the nominees and squatting members, most of whom, with Ebden at their head, would almost rather have endured a presentable Vandemonian expiree in the chair than the ultra-democratic

    Personal Recollections of Early Melbourne and Victoria

  • While they asserted the lasting civil and moral distinctions between the voluntary and expiree settlers, the patrons of the latter avenged them by maintaining that the convict was only less _fortunate_ than his free employer, and that the moral disparity assumed and vaunted, was rather fanciful than real.

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • The first expiree, James Rouse, who was established (1790) as a settler, was industrious and successful.

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • It thus became common to afford similar facilities to expiree convicts, [97] but generally in vain.

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • In the larger establishments, except where the humanity of the master kept alive his vigilance, the men were sometimes placed in the power of an overseer, himself perhaps an expiree; who, elated with office, delighted in the advent of his turn to torture.

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • But Bryant, an expiree, his wife and two children, and seven convicts, escaped in a small fishing boat (1790).

    The History of Tasmania , Volume II

  • Bligh had become popular with the expiree settlers, who reckoned a long arrear of vengeance to their military taskmasters; and who, with the law on their side, or encouragement from the governor, might have been expected to shew no mercy.

    The History of Tasmania, Volume I

  • The sub-division of these parties in labor left them often to the practical oversight of a single person, and he an expiree.

    The History of Tasmania, Volume I

  • Newman implausibly died at the end of the movie, but you've never seen an expiree so tanned and vital.

    Home | The New York Observer


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