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  • n. Plural form of explanandum.


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  • Instead, we may take the explananda of QM to be facts about the probabilities or expectation values of outcomes rather than individual outcomes themselves.

    Scientific Explanation

  • Again such explananda are deducible from the system of equations used to model juvenile delinquency.

    Scientific Explanation

  • This produces two pairs of terms-il vero/scienzia and il certo/coscienza-which constitute, in turn, the explananda of philosophy and philology ( "history" broadly conceived), respectively.

    Giambattista Vico

  • Some typical explananda in accounts of “the evolution of morality” are:

    Morality and Evolutionary Biology

  • Its explananda are truths to be found in sources such as Scripture, creeds, liturgical expressions, patristic texts, the example of saints, and the experience of the faithful; while texts, liturgies, and people are observable, they are observable only as media and tokens, not as the living doctrines embodied thereby; and it is the latter which constitute the explananda.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • Hence the joke; if there weren't this crossing of contrastive explananda, there wouldn't be anything humorous about it.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • The dual explananda strategy discussed above (6.4) provides one promising framework for doing this, while at the same time displaying sensitivity to the sorts of concerns driving the epiphenomenalist objections.

    Anomalous Monism

  • They all concern the possibility of explaining some sort or aspect of consciousness, but they vary in their particular explananda, the restrictions on their explanans, and their criteria for successful explanation.


  • Understanding consciousness involves a multiplicity not only of explananda but also of questions that they pose and the sorts of answers they require.


  • Such theories are diverse not only in the neural processes or properties to which they appeal but also in the aspects of consciousness they take as their respective explananda.



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