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  • n. The act of explanting


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  • True, the Ontario Attorney general who works for the Ontario Liberal Government is responsible and he does owe some kind of explantation as to what happened; what kind of backroom wheeling and dealing took place.

    Progressive Bloggers

  • As far as the band is concerned, the rates of explantation are wildly variable.

    LABG as Day Surgery is Quick and Safe | Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes

  • To date, other European health authorities have not recommended explantation while they prefer to wait for more data.

    Michael Yaremchuk, M.D.: The PIP Affair and Trust in Health Care

  • Here's the explantation from Joe Zubizarreta, the chief operating officer of Zubi Advertising:

    Waymon Hudson: Karate/Sissy Ad Update: A Teachable Moment in Stereotypes, Gender Roles, & Shaming

  • I'm completely in the explanatory mode, and just proved it when the MD at my work asked me what I was reading ... cue explantation about how the cover doesn't reflect the content, etc.

    Wednesday Links

  • Excuse me, those of us who question the governments official explantation for 9/11 at least use scientific studies and analysis - especially the actual, official government reports that refute the explanation - to ask for further investigation.

    Obama Ad: McCain "Out Of Ideas, Out Of Touch, And Running Out Of Time"

  • The test of any strategy or tactic is a clear explantation of how the proposed action serves to accomplish this single requirement.

    McCain: "You Either Win Or You Lose" In Iraq

  • This comment actually belongs to the Ereignis explantation dated 30 August 2007—I post it here to be sure that you get ear of it.


  • Therefore, he logically concludes that it must demonstrate the existence of God, for there could be no other rational explantation.

    Go read - The Panda's Thumb

  • Do you honestly expect everyone to preface every statement about “sex” with an explantation that “by which I mean heterosexual sex between a man and a woman, not including rape or other involuntary sexual acts, where both partners are fertile or at least believe themelves to be possibly fertile, and which involves either vaginal intercourse or some other activity that may realistically result in the woman becoming pregnant?”

    Child support and male entitlement


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