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  • v. Present participle of explicate.


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  • Similarly fascinating to me was the label explicating this cradle:

    Lee Rosenbaum: Native Americans, Brooklyn-Style: Family-Friendly, Deeply Informative "Tipi" Show

  • Judges write at length, and are no better nor worse than legislators in explicating the "rules" they lay down (not to mention being hampered by the same difficulties in anticipating all conceivable future combinations of circumstances even shold they want to lay down lasting rules for the future for all cases).


  •  Of course not, I fumbled, explicating on the drumming/formatting relationship and how thattigida-tigida-twackwas the Athena of my personal migraine what with the constant stabbing at a number of particularly sensitive points inside my skull.

    Drums, Like Metaphors

  • And so, in explicating the aesthetic of schlock and its uncritical acceptance among many consumers, perhaps we have uncovered something uniquely "made in America" after all.

    Randall Amster: Schlock Doctrine: Where, and by Whom, Was Your Christmas Made?

  • Because however good she was at explicating literature without formal training, nothing could compare with her ability, and her passion, for understanding what I needed, before I knew I needed it, in bed.

    The Child Who Loved Emily Dickinson

  • Hillary has been brilliant at explicating her various "solutions" to what is wrong with America, but she has not told the American people where she wants to take them.

    Obama Wins Wisconsin, Networks Project

  • Tomorrow morning, Vice President Joe Biden will be appearing on all three network morning shows explicating and defending President Obama's plan.

    Steve Clemons: Does Joe Biden Win or Lose in Obama Afghanistan Review?

  • That's followed by Limbaugh's own words explicating that Steele is not, in fact, the party leader.

    Dan Sweeney: Rush Is Right

  • I'm explicating Emily Dickinson when the alarm starts: three long, two short.


  • Drawing on traditional techniques for explicating and expanding biblical texts and for resolving contradictions and filling in silences, feminists have created a host of new midrashim, focusing largely, but not entirely, on the female figures in the Bible.

    Spirituality in the United States.


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