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  • n. Plural form of explication.


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  • We had wandered through Holland, counting the windmills, studying the "explications" set forth in painfully elaborate English on its old church walls with the information for travellers that further particulars were to be obtained of the sexton, who might be found with the key "in the neighborhood No. 5."

    The Making of an American

  • Some investigation of Bloom's work, even of secondary explications of that work (a simple Google search, perhaps) would immediately reveal that Lutz's account is a caricature of the role Bloom has come to play in current literary discourse (the aging curmudgeon) but has nothing to do with what he's actually written.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • Their explications fill me with a combination of anger and dread.

    Matthew Yglesias » Who Cares About “Climate Debt”?

  • But ultimately its impressive learning and lengthy explications are, paradoxically perhaps, the very reasons I probably would not recommend the book to readers without an existing interest in these writers and this period or who would rather read the writers themselves than such an extended work of critical commentary.

    Literary Study

  • These two points require explications and discussion, for they are far from self evident.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • For a more in-depth treatment of the above song and dance, including explications of the bond math and client interactions, please click here

    Omer Rosen: How to Deceive a Client Without Really Trying

  • Stop inventing these idiotic explications of and excuses for his innate fuckedupedness.

    Matthew Yglesias » Presidential Overpromising

  • Text is always an innocuous beam of pure starlight which personal experience * never* has any sort of bearing on; it merely enters through your ajna chakra and slips down slowly into your throat, from which elegant and suitably academic explications de texte flow like the finest lavender honey made by lissome elven beekeepers.

    ok so now I'm getting peeved.

  • Readers of "How to Change the World" will be treated to explications of synarchism, a dozen mentions of the Russian Narodniks, and countless digressions on justly forgotten Marxist thinkers and politicians.

    How a True Believer Keeps the Faith

  • Of course, these notes are at times nothing more than explications of the literary and philosophical references Calembour makes both at the conscious and unconscious level.

    Excerpt from Calembouria (in collaboration with Anthony Metivier)


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