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  • n. Plural form of explorer.


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  • Slavery and slave resistance began in Hispaniola, the name explorers gave the island that now comprises the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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  • Chris 'vision for implementing new web technology to attract the next generation of "space explorers" is in line with the Agency's goals.

    NASA's Web Future - NASA Watch

  • Summary: By the year 2445, humanity has expanded throughout space, and like the old days of Earthbound explorers, is haunted by the tales of ghost ships and objects from beyond the grave.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » The Five Page Challenge!

  • Eschewing the party-hard atmosphere of most hard rock bands, Alice engages them in a discussion of French missionaries and explorers from the late 16th century and Algonquin word origins.

    Top 10 Rock Star Cameos in Movies » Scene-Stealers

  • A scout named Greel is exploring the upper reaches of The People and comes to an ancient subway tunnel, just as two explorers from the lunar colony arrive in an attempt to reestablish communication with any survivors.

    REVIEW: Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse edited by John Joseph Adams

  • I bet when he stood by his advance base on Newfoundland, Leif Eriksson would've been surprised to hear his base would fail and his dad's colony on Greenland would eventually die out, that the "new world" would have to be rediscovered in 500 years by explorers from a successor state on the territory of what he knew as the Caliphate of al-Andalus, or 500 years after that the entire world would be dominated by a breakaway colony set up by people from a wretched little country currently being ruled by a wanker named Ethelred.

    Changing Course - AGAIN? - NASA Watch

  • Among the great explorers is Dr. Wilder Graves Penfield.

    This World and the Mind of Man

  • Let this be a lesson to all you word explorers out there.

    2009 June « Motivated Grammar

  • Her book is peppered with fascinating vignettes of Portuguese and Dutch who thought that mastering the navigation of distant seas entitled explorers to seize the lands that their ships chanced upon.

    Five Best

  • The cultures seen by the explorers were the mere remnant of their ancestors after their devastation by European diseases.

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