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  • adv. In an exponential manner.
  • adv. rapidly, greatly

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  • By exponentials.

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  • adv. in an exponential manner


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From exponential +‎ -ly.


  • World War II again exponentially expanded the bureaucracy and D.C. and its neighboring suburbs exploded.

    Washington is Crisis City again

  • But a reason GDP/capita might grow exponentially is because new knowledge is gained faster than old knowledge is forgotten.

    Nonlinear Thinking, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • So sorry to inform, old lad, but you and I most definitely live in exponentially darker times now.

    Matthew Yglesias » (Part of) The Case for Higher Inflation

  • The day the nadir of his perfidy is brought to light, he will effectively have put the lives of hundreds of thousands — maybe even millions of Americans and more worrisome to him — American Interests (“Cha-CHING!”) in exponentially greater jeopardy than before.

    Look 'Pon The Devil's Brow...An Impossibility...

  • For two years, Singularity University SU--created by futurist Ray Kurzweil and X Prize CEO Peter Diamandis--has been bringing people together at NASA Ames Research Center here to discuss what are called "exponentially growing" technologies--things like 3D printing, self-organizing molecular circuits, advanced robotics, and more.


  • I contend that an ecosystem that after the extermination of one of its most active predatory species not only continued to maintain its other species’ populations but ultimately saw them increase exponentially is hardly a malfunctioning ecosystem.

    Wolves Kill 23 Lambs In Oregon

  • Each of these three men simply cannot help but to make every film they appear in exponentially more awesome — their mere presence enough to assist a film’s transcendence from mediocre to almost-good.

    Top 10 Gary Busey Performances » Scene-Stealers

  • (It is projected that Medicare and such will take up a far larger chunk, but only if medical costs continue to rise exponentially, which is another debate.)

    Matthew Yglesias » The Ethics of Deficits

  • If that system is grown exponentially, that is the Canadian and U.K. plan.

    The Left’s Distraction on Health Care - Erick’s blog - RedState

  • If you don't have a strong public option, what's going to stop the private insurance companies from raising rates exponentially, which is what they have done in recent years?

    CNN Transcript Nov 23, 2009


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