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  • n. A protein that transports other cargo proteins from the nucleus of a cell to the cytoplasm


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  • Terra's got quite enough sycophants without exportin '' em.

    Ensign Flandry

  • The Rev-mRNA complex is then exported to the cytoplasm by interaction of the nuclear export signal (NES) of Rev with CRM1 (or exportin 1), a component of the cellular nuclear export machinery

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  • Alternatively, Pho4 modified at Ser242, Ser243, or both might have more affinity to a yet unknown factor than to the exportin, and the resulting complex might be recruited to the target promoter regardless of phosphorylation by Pho85.

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  • If the current model were correct, then Pho4 should somehow avoid phosphorylation by Pho85, or if phosphorylated, then the modified Pho4 should have much less affinity to the Msn5 exportin to remain in the nucleus.

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  • [4], but although potential interactors of this exportin in the pre-40S particles were described, no critical binding site or essential adapter with the pre-40S particles has been found yet

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