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  • adj. Serving as exposition.


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exposition +‎ -ary


  • Apart from the constant, expositionary detail about the consequences of the miracle, which we have now worked out is the purpose of Dr Vera, nothing particularly bad has happened yet.

    Torchwood: Miracle Day – episode four

  • I was just meaning in the sense that yerself and Jetse seemed to be tending to focus on the expositionary aspect.

    On Prologues

  • It also builds on the expositionary overload of The Sworn Sword, where the backstory about the Blackfyre Rebellion was fascinating but overdone compared to what was actually needed for the plot, whilst here it is actually essential to the story.

    The Mystery Knight by George R.R. Martin

  • Get Smart does not fall into the expositionary trap that would have nearly been acceptable in a movie of this kind.

    Movie Review: Get Smart | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • In my review of FlashForward I attributed that novel's old-fashioned style to its expositionary characters who exist purely to serve the plot.

    Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

  • There are some clever ideas to achieve this, such as opening with River's escape from the institution and then jumping forwards past the events of the TV show to the 'present', but they are outstretched by a lot of clunky expositionary dialogue.


  • It's always been much more about the forward-moving storyline and its expositionary history episodes have always felt a bit awkward like 'No Exit', or sometimes even totally nonsensical, like 'Hero' because it's not really what the show is about.

    Open Thread: #421 Daybreak Part 1

  • Just try writing three pages of expositionary dialogue and not have it look like an info-dump.

    Hh Com 317

  • For: The very helpful expositionary snippets of dialogue - "I say that not just as your mother but as your producer" and "They say she's still pitch-perfect but it's like the flame went out or something".

    West End Whingers

  • But they serve as wonderful expositionary figures: Ivan to warn of the vampire power vacuum to come; and Daisy - brilliant, hilarious, tragic Daisy - to serve as the devil on George's shoulder.

    The Guardian World News


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