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  • n. The quality of being expressible.


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  • It isn't clear, then, that the notion of expressibility is even workable until we move to a more theoretical setting from the less theoretic setting of language in use.

    Words and Other Things

  • He uses variations of the word "expressibility" many times while explaining a "BioShock" game's prime elements. Top headlines

  • Grammar is what gives rise to the unlimited expressibility of language.


  • Opposition to assumption (i) rests on the view that expressibility by logically equivalent sentences may be necessary but is not sufficient for fact identity.

    The Correspondence Theory of Truth

  • Another key point about numeralwise expressibility is that although we informally interpret, for example,

    Kurt Gödel

  • Instead, it brought him to a more refined account of the non-linguistic arts which was still consistent with those principles: the non-linguistic arts do sometimes express meanings and thoughts, but the meanings and thoughts in question are ones which are parasitic on a prior linguistic expression or expressibility of them possessed by the artist.

    Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher

  • An intuition, growing till it all but became an idea, and then remaining short of expressibility, unable to perceive even its own indefiniteness -- a film for impressions where there is no light -- such was the vagueness of my guess concerning the metamorphosis that was taking place.

    Shapes that Haunt the Dusk

  • (i) strengthenings of this expressibility by forming systems with additional negation operators or with multiple t-norm based conjunction operations; (ii) modifications of this expressibility e.g. by deleting the truth degree constant 0 from the language, but adding an implication connective to the basic vocabulary, and (iii) generalizations which modify the basic t-norms into non-commutative

    Many-Valued Logic


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