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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of expunge.


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  • According to Ms. Olson, full withdrawal is often better for taxpayers' credit ratings because it expunges the lien from the record immediately, whereas a release leaves it on the record for at least seven years.

    Lien on Me: IRS Eases Debt Rules

  • The government has a program that puts nonviolent, first-time offenders on probation and expunges their record if they complete it without incident.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Given their scale, it could require some years of self-improvement before Sarkozy expunges from the record his previous offences against culture, some of them presumably designed to emphasise that his famous "rupture" from the French past was as much cultural, as in not being cultured like his predecessors, as it was political.

    Why do we sneer at Sarko for trying to improve himself? | Catherine Bennett

  • In certain ways, he is an open book—a tormented soul who expunges his awkwardness and pain into songs that sear as a result.

    Searing Songs, Holiday Cheer, Eclectic DJ

  • When I'm Alone and Loosen the Knot embody her way of matching an undeniably catchy hook with generic adult-rock production that expunges any sense that Lissie is worth getting excited about.

    Lissie: Catching a Tiger

  • Does anyone notice that the new discourse expunges what those militia committed in the eastern parts of Beirut, in addition to militia warfare in the western parts of Beirut, not to mention monstrous camp warfare which the Syrian regime assigned to the Amal movement?

    Monday, January 19, 2009

  • So how can desire build up if sex is used as a sedative that expunges the urge?

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: An Erotic Seven-Day Sex Marathon

  • In a closed, Soviet-type society the state expunges what it can't abide.

    Transatlantic Travelers

  • This does not mean, however, that, from the standpoint of Afghans opposed to the Taliban, or the progress of humanity, that the Taliban is the lesser evil; nor that it is preferable from the perspective of a large number of Afghans to a secular comprador regime which guarantees the equality of the sexes, makes provision for the education of females, and expunges the remnants of feudal institutions.

    Prominent Progressive Intellectuals and Lesser Evilism

  • In humans we have a pulmonary system which is the interface between the lungs and the blood which expunges carbon dioxide from and absorbs oxygen into the blood stream.



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