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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of exsolve.


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  • For the 1912 eruption at the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, Lowenstern (1993) also concluded that MI with large Cu-bearing bubbles represented mixed inclusions of exsolved fluid and melt.

    Evidence for Fluid Saturation and Degassing

  • Its solubility is low relative to that of H2O, so that fluids exsolved deep in the crust tend to have high CO2/H2O compared with fluids evolved closer to the surface.

    Jacob B. Lowenstern

  • The only possible other method to explain this is oceanic degassing which may involve physical fractionation with more 12C exsolved but then this would enrich the ocean with 13C and therefore marine shells (not benthic material which can source atmospheric CO2) should shift upward d13C - has this happened during the same period?


  • Yes, that would be if the case if you assume that all CO2 increases are down to just man and that the background natural level is not rising (and if we are to believe AGW then the oceans are warming - > exsolved CO2: can't have it both ways).



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