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  • v. Present participle of extemporize.


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  • With the high command incapable of extemporizing an amphibious-air assault on the Home Isles, Hitler's invasion failed before it could begin.

    Hell's Ethos

  • Where Clinton -- whatever else you think of her -- is obviously competent, prepared, and capable of extemporizing a complete unmemorized English sentence, she's demonized as unfeminine and a harpy.

    a cemetery where I married the sea

  • While my daughter met with 200 girls, and, shy as she is, extemporizing as best as possible on why we were there, I was talking with 50 fathers, many of them living in the slums, encouraging them to allow their daughters to go to school.

    Pedro C. Moreno: Fathers: Bring Your Daughters to School

  • Now, I can't stop extemporizing verses to a blues song called "His Lead is Gone" in my head.

    CNN Poll Of Polls: Obama's Lead Is Gone

  • Steve Jobs or Michael Dell he isn't (yet), but "Revolution in a Bottle" is a fun read that captures the restless, extemporizing life of the start-up entrepreneur.

    From Dorm Room to Wal-Mart

  • With light classics, jazz and pop, you name it he did it, whether fusing or switching genre's, extemporizing or variations on a theme, he did it all, and he did it better than anybody.

    Michael Douglas Starring as Liberace for Steven Soderbergh «

  • When extemporizing Obama again is a dreadful public speaker.

    "You know, I am a believer in … in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job. Uh, and I think that..."

  • What advantage is it to be a man, over it is to be a boy at school, if we have only escaped the ferula to come under the fescue of an Imprimatur; if serious and elaborate writings, as if they were no more than the theme of a grammar-lad under his pedagogue, must not be uttered without the cursory eyes of a temporizing and extemporizing licenser?


  • “What trick can we play that cove?” said the third clerk, whose name was Godeschal, in a low voice, pausing in the middle of a discourse he was extemporizing in an appeal engrossed by the fourth clerk, of which copies were being made by two neophytes from the provinces.

    Le Colonel Chabert

  • “/And we hope that my lords on the Bench/,” the extemporizing clerk went on.

    Le Colonel Chabert


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