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  • n. Plural form of extent.


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  • The DFS layer can be thought of as our file system layer, it understand files these large chunks of storage called extents, how to store them, how to replicate them, etc, but it doesn't understand higher level object constructs nor their semantics.

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  • The tenants of the manor, ranging from holders of considerable amounts of land, perhaps as much as a hundred acres, through various gradations down to mere cotters, who held no more than a cottage with perhaps a half-acre or a rood of land, or even with no land at all, are usually grouped in the "extents" or contemporary descriptions of the manors and their inhabitants into several distinct classes.

    An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England

  • The DFS layer stores the data in what are called "extents".

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  • The kind of extents/rates in which foreigners are displacing/downgrading Singaporeans in jobs are real, and cruel phenomena out there.

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  • Finally, the partition layer spreads large objects across multiple DFS server chunks (called extents so that large objects (e.g., 1 TB

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  • Surely they felt that they, the faeries who'd danced and played within the dreams and imaginations of the human race since its beginnings, had laid claim to the furthest extents plumbed in any imagination, even their own.

    True Story

  • This is the young, feral middle class – moneyed to varying extents, super-connected by the internet, egged on by each other to self-destructive behaviour.

    Teenagers are pushing the boundaries and parents don't know what to do

  • In the 2008 global financial crisis, the U.S., Japan, Australia, Taiwan and South Korea to various extents banned short-selling, or the practice of selling borrowed shares on a bet that they will be cheaper to buy later.

    Hedge-Fund Curbs Add to Asia's Market Tumult

  • Phoenix/Las Vegas, on the other hand, are possibly developed to their extents.

    Matthew Yglesias » John McCain Repeats Vegas HSR Lie, Adds New Non-True Details

  • Actually, way past their long-term-sustainable extents, physically and even economically (their rapid growth in recent years was simply the real-estate bubble feeding on itself.) jt Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » John McCain Repeats Vegas HSR Lie, Adds New Non-True Details


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