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  • v. Present participle of externalize.


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  • At the outset of their study, Bakermans-Kranenburg and her colleagues had screened 2,408 children via parental questionnaire, and they were now focusing on the 25 percent rated highest by their parents in externalizing behaviors.

    The Science of Success

  • The results showed that the association between what the researchers called externalizing behavior problems -- conduct, attention deficit/hyperactivity and opposition -- and marijuana use was inconsistent.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • It leads to less aggression, more socialization, what sometimes psychologists call externalizing behavior, and it promotes a lot of productivity down the line.

    'It’s just a question of using the same dollars wisely'

  • Economics and the structure of law has led to most corporations "externalizing" whatever environmental costs they can, because corporations insufficiently recognize their dependency on a functional and healthy biosphere.


  • Companies expect workers to already be trained, "externalizing" one more cost onto local communities, while shopping for the lowest tax areas to locate.

    Dave Johnson: Jobs Crisis in Real World... Just Not in D.C.

  • Enclosure, in which property rights are literally taken or given away, is half the reason for the commons’ decline; the other half is a form of trespass called externalizing — that is, shifting costs to the commons.

    Capitalism 3.0~ Chapter 2

  • Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ian Gershengorn argued the health care law is different because it's making people pay now through insurance rather than "externalizing" their costs to the rest of the health care market.

    NPR Topics: News

  • These practices reduce risks that might be lurking over their balance sheets by ignoring or "externalizing" the social and environmental costs of their operations.


  • The idea of ruthless "crush the enemy" competition, and of "externalizing" costs to another country or to the "external" environment or to a future generation, in the interest of maximizing short-term profit growth, in this context, is absurd.

    How to Save the World

  • Maud thinks that creative writing workshops put too much emphasis on "externalizing" through the "show, don't tell" rule, but most writers are neither minimalists nor postmodernists, and the chances are that if you were to pick out at random a work of literary fiction on your Borders shelf, you would find an entirely recognizable attempt both to establish character as the center of interest and to present the character's thought processes as the primary way of making him/her seem "realistic."

    Realism in Fiction


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