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  • n. Plural form of external.
  • n. outward features or appearances


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  • It was, perhaps, no wonder; for he seemed to the poor smith so elegant, so well appointed, that he felt the superiority in externals, strangely and painfully, for an instant.

    Mary Barton

  • He sagely concludes: "If they (i.e., the English) had more to find fault with in externals, they would have less internal chagrin."

    The Prussian Mind

  • Now, while it is quite true that the chief assets of a nation do not lie in externals of any sort, that seems to me no reason why we should affect to despise them.

    Our National Outlook

  • Worse, economists still haven't figured out how to measure and value the "externals" - so that we have a GDP that goes up while the world and environment declines.

    No Fossil Fuel Political Campaigns �� Stop The Polluting Politicians

  • Without that view into Graham’s mind we are only left with the shut down and closed in externals of him.

    Blasphemy : Bev Vincent

  • But these, based on needs, through the mode of diplomacy are something like outward unity which Sri Aurobindo called externals of civilisation like unity in dress, manners and habits, details of political, social and economic order.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • This notion, which seems to have been motivated mainly by an institutional loathing of exiled Iraqi leader Ahmed Chalabi, was finally debunked when Iraqis elected a government that consisted mainly of so-called externals, including Mr. Chalabi.

    The Real Plan of Attack

  • Life in the externals was a ceaseless round of toil.

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1

  • Scripture requires a vision and faculty divine ', or at least a moral and religious interest which is not needed in the study of a Greek poet or philosopher, yet in what may be termed the externals of interpretation, that is to say, the meaning of words, the connexion of sentences, the settlement of the text, the evidence of facts, the same rules apply to the Old and New Testaments as to other books.

    Scripture and Truth: Dissertations by the Late Benjamin Jowett with Introduction by Lewis Campbell.

  • There are some other points belonging to what we may call the externals of prophecy which may now be briefly noted.

    Sermons on Faith and Doctrine by the Late Benjamin Jowett, M.A., Master of Balliol College


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