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  • Situated or extending beyond the sides; specifically, noting the right of a mine-owner to the extension of a lode or vein from his claim beyond the side-lines, but within the vertical planes through the end-lines.


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  • In the United States there is a wide use of geologists as witnesses in litigation affecting "extralateral rights."

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • But if it can be shown that the several sets of veins have formed from a single movement, that there is no sharp genetic separation between the different sets and that they are a part of a single system, this interpretation throws new light on exploration and development, and even on questions of ownership and extralateral rights (Chapter XVI).

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • It then becomes necessary either to consolidate the ownerships or to go to the courts to see which claim has the extralateral rights.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • Mining men for the most part are not primarily interested one way or another, unless there is potential application of the extralateral-rights provision to their particular properties.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • There are few mining districts where the vein conditions are so simple that no geological problems are left to be solved with relation to extralateral rights.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • Geologists and engineers understand more clearly than almost any other group the extent to which the complexities of nature vary from the conditions indicated in the simple wording of the law of extralateral rights.

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • The situation was this: part of the mining law of 1872 was a thing called the “extralateral right,” more commonly called “The Apex Law,” which said that someone who owned mining property where an ore vein came closest to the surface had the right to follow that vein in mining, even if the vein ran beneath someone else’s property.

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