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  • adj. Outside the realm of linguistics.

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  • adj. not included within the realm of language


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extra- +‎ linguistic


  • Disputes over usage, and the desire and need to get them ironed out, are incessant and inevitable as language gets continually unsettled by usage and extralinguistic change.

    Robert Hartwell Fiske strikes me as a prig and a bully « Motivated Grammar

  • Pragmatic information is (extralinguistic) information that arises from an actual act of utterance, and is relevant to the hearer's determination of what the speaker is communicating.


  • In the case of ellipsis and anaphoric (and cataphoric) pronouns the designation is determined, or at least constrained, by the linguistic context of the utterance, while the designation of deictic demonstratives is fixed by contextual extralinguistic facts.


  • Another difficulty in classification is related to the fact that the dialects have in the past and continue to be influenced by numerous sociolinguistic or extralinguistic factors from the larger world in which Rusyns live, whether in Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the United States, or Canada.

    languagehat.com: RUSYN/RUTHENIAN.

  • In any event, when making a case against the indivisibility of Sinitic, it is not necessary to rebut each of these "common" features individually, since they are largely or wholly extralinguistic.

    Language Log

  • This collection of original articles focuses on the function, role, and structure of linguistic and extralinguistic "context (s)" in relation to the notion of

    Uz-Translations : Linguistics : Contexts and Constructions (Constructional Approaches to Language)

  • Semantic information is information encoded in what is uttered ” these are stable linguistic features of the sentence ” together with any extralinguistic information that provides (semantic) values to context-sensitive expressions in what is uttered.



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