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  • adj. Outside literature.


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extra- +‎ literary


  • Finally, I am not sure I agree with you If I understand you correctly when you say that the political uses made of novels are "secondary" and "extraliterary" - is it not the case that forms of language, style, and so on, contain their own politics - in the sense that they organize communities of readers around certain key themes?

    The politics of the politics of literature

  • The recourse to 'extraliterary' theory is not in itself, however, a methodological error.

    Anaesthetic Criticism: I

  • But only novels with an extraliterary reputation, which have clambered off the page into a culture of received images—The Count of Monte-Cristo, perhaps, or The War of the Worlds or even Lolita, I am sorry to say—will lend themselves to future mashups with a user interface.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • The first-person narrative moves gracefully between the literary present, in which Kear hopes to forestall Ashenden from turning out anything about Driffield and “blowing the gaff,” and the extraliterary past, when Ashenden knew the Driffields as neighbors and friends and spent many happy hours in their company.

    Posterity makes its choice

  • One thing Westlake doesn't do in most of his fiction, in all but this case in my experience, is deliberately mislead us about something that is extraliterary, as opposed to an aspect of the plot.

    Don Westlake #2

  • I am tempted to say that Mailer and Capote deserve each other—two overblown reputations that owed more to extraliterary tomfoolery than to their writing.

    Guest of the non-fiction novelist

  • The amazing tale of Corinne's extraliterary life and wanderings, both through Europe and across America, can be followed in Ellen Moers's essay "Performing Heroinism: The Myth of Corinne" in Literary Women (Doubleday, 1976); and in Angela Leighton's Victorian Women Poets: Writing Against the Heart (University of Virginia Press, 1992).

    The Great de Staël

  • My mind numbs in response to the parade of hackneyed phrases ( "And in conclusion, these books are both very similar and very different ...") when suddenly something catches my eye -- a turn of phrase or an extraliterary locution.

    It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Plagiarism Buster

  • The political commitment of the literary Left, then, is extraliterary.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • In the samples you've provided, the political commitment of the literary right is clearly extraliterary, or rather nonliterary, that is, tone deaf to the novel, a conclusion readily argued from the premises of the New criticism concerning ambiguity in narrative voice.

    The politics of the politics of literature


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