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  • adj. Apart from and in addition to music


extra- +‎ musical (Wiktionary)


  • Beethoven publicly declared the piece's "extramusical" purpose: an expression of nature.

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  • Miller also virtually invented musical special effects: He made pop records more like a film soundtrack, and utilized extramusical noises, such as dog barks and hoof beats, he said, "to paint a picture in the listener's mind."

    They Sang Along With Mitch

  • The extramusical amusements were fun, but prevented the gig from building up the momentum a great rock show needs to take flight.

    Popsters OK Go are ready, willing but not quite able to rock at 9:30 club

  • The extramusical amusements were fun, but ultimately prevented the gig from building up the momentum a great rock show needs to take flight.

    In concert: OK Go at 9:30 club

  • From Dvo ř á k ' s " New World " Symphony, with its construct of Indian and African-American folk idioms, to Messiaen ' s bird-song transcriptions of Bryce Canyon, composers have responded to it most often with collages, drawing on different musical and even extramusical references.

    Turning the City

  • In former times, a composer could make a point instrumentally by drawing on themes with extramusical associations.

    Tanglewood Festival: Can Music Talk Politics? - ArtsBeat Blog -

  • Yet even without these extramusical circumstances, it seems reasonable that Young's sound would have grown darker and deeper as he got older (as did Sinatra's), and to many of us Young in his 40s is even more melancholy and moving than his earlier self.

    Forever Young—A Centennial Tribute

  • But her big extramusical moment came in 1992, when Hillary Clinton went on "" 60 Minutes '' and said she wasn't "" sitting here like some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette. ''

    First Lady Of Nashville

  • What was at issue in my review is whether, in the late eighteenth century, there existed musical elements that are conventional signs of extramusical meaning, whether and to what extent there are specific motifs with specific significances that can be arbitrarily determined like the elements of a code.

    'Radical, Conventional Mozart': An Exchange

  • Though not written for Eighth Blackbird, Mr. Svensson's piece played to the sextet's penchant for works involving extramusical theatrics and light choreography, a taste even more evident in Amy Beth Kirsten's "Pirouette on a Moon Sliver," for solo flute.

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