from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Outside the operation of natural laws: as, extranatural agencies.


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  • They think it's ... well, not exactly supernatural; extranatural would be closer to expressing their idea.

    Oomphel in the Sky

  • As explained by Powell, philosophies and beliefs may be seriated in four stages: The first stage is hecastotheism; in this stage extranatural or mysterious potencies are imputed to objects both animate and inanimate.

    The Siouan Indians

  • It has brought about in the extranatural a revolution similar to that which was effected in the terrestrial order in France in 1789.


  • Though we are quite clear about the constancy of the order of Nature, at the present time, and in the present state of things, it by no means necessarily follows that we are justified in expanding this generalization into the infinite past, and in denying, absolutely, that there may have been a time when Nature did not follow a fixed order, when the relations of cause and effect were not definite, and when extranatural agencies interfered with the general course of Nature.

    The Making of Arguments


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