from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not belonging or proper to a thing; foreign; extraneous; specifically, in psychology, beyond the range of the hypnotic rapport.


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  • In the Hebrew Bible, which they misappropriated to themselves under the extrane - ous designation “Old Testament,” they professed to find sacred warrant for their contention that the earth is the floor of the cosmos.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • The con - cept “Machiavellian” has become so vague and am - biguous that every human activity which tries to achieve its ends through exclusion of all extrane - ous — human or moral — considerations is called


  • Some gregarious animals, particularly birds, live together in the most perfect peace and amity; and here no leader is required, because in their long association together as a species in flocks, they have attained to a oneness of mind, so to speak, which causes them to move or rest, and to act at all times harmoniously together, as if controlled and guided by an extrane-ous force.

    The Naturalist in La Plata

  • In the current time where every How do I filter extrane - action is happening so fast you need tech - ous data and focus on nology solution which do not your waste relevant information? time and resource and help you grow.

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