extravehicular love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the space outside a vehicle, especially a spacecraft in space
  • adj. Being or happening outside a vehicle


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extra- +‎ vehicular


  • When visiting the International Space Station American astronauts use the Orlan when they are participating in extravehicular activities.

    Kuriositas: The 10 Coolest Space Suit Designs

  • And on this flight, one of those space travelers is to carry out China's first spacewalk, also known as extravehicular activity, or EVA for short.

    Tortoise and Hare - the Chinese Space Programme

  • Center Engineering Directorate such as extravehicular activity (EVA) tools and equipment, technology development for advanced EVA, extravehicular robotics, environmental control and life support systems, active thermal control systems, flight crew equipment, and crew health care systems.

    Space Tourism, Space Transport and Space Exploration News

  • In a morning message to the Discovery crew, Mission Control sent up a cartoon showing a spacewalking astronaut — Bowen — holding an Oscar statue and giving an acceptance speech."... and I would like to thank all of the little people that made this EVA extravehicular activity happen," the cartoon spacewalker said.

    Astronauts tackle spacewalk tasks

  • According to the report, targeting an asteroid next would advance capabilities to spend long periods in space, while providing astronauts more opportunities for "extravehicular activity" and "simulation of Mars missions."

    Space Explorers Divided on Next Destination

  • The undersea habitat provides an optimum environment for the crew to practice extravehicular activity preparation and maneuvers.

    Steven Miller, PhD.: Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Asteroids and the Aquarius Underwater Laboratory

  • During the decade that encompassed the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs, NASA performed 38 extravehicular activities, or EVAs, average of about four spacewalks per year.

    Space station ranks as an engineering marvel

  • "For instance, the Orion capsule ... does not allow for extravehicular activity, cannot stay long in orbit ..."

    Forget The Moon - NASA Watch

  • The 'windowed workstation', as it was initially called, was begun out of debates between two factions - one proposing extravehicular operations around the station being conducted via closed circuit TV and indirect vision, and the other proposing that direct vision by human eyeball was the only way to effectively perform EVAs, RMS, unmanned dockings, and like operations.

    Name Node 3 - NASA Watch

  • In orbit, the astronauts of mission STS-125 float off on their extravehicular tasks while the camera tracks their work and, not incidentally, studies the blue planet floating below or above but always beyond them.

    'Hubble': Heavenly Ticket to Space


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