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  • n. Plural form of exudate.


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  • The virus is most concentrated in infected blood, serum, and wound exudates.

    Hepatitis B

  • “In order for the tree shrews to reach the exudates, they must climb onto the pitchers and orient themselves in such a way that their backsides are located over the pitcher mouths,” explains Dr Clarke.

    This just in: Pitcher plants might be shrew toilets « Sugar Creek Gardens’ Blog

  • They are noisy and exude foul-smelling exudates from their orifices.

    "A Wedding Feast" (a lost parable of Jesus)

  • Your prospects are written in strings of slimy, sticky exudates.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Pygmies feed principally on arthropods (especially grasshoppers) and the exudates (sap and gum) of certain trees and vines.

    Pygmy Albino Marmosets (w pics) | Impact Lab

  • Ears with pearly TMs bilaterally; throat somewhat injected, but without exudates or lesions; nose clear, pink turbinates, no discharge; lungs clear; heart regular without murmurs or gallops.

    The Hypochondriac

  • In addition to timber, wood-processing and paper production, forests and woodlands provide a wide range of goods-and-services for subsistence and trade including medicinal plants, fruits, exudates, bee products, insects, roots, thatch grass, forage and mushrooms.

    Southern Africa and forests and woodlands

  • Once within a host they feed on its body cells, blood cells, mucus or tissue exudates.


  • The anvil chorus of the gnathonic media and their coprophagic gossip columnists soi-disant "journalists" whose conservative exudates have imbrued the age with their mephitic poison, one that might yet prove fatal to us all—may just this once be muted, there being little further to be gained from their unguinous ministrations.

    Black day in July

  • On exam his throat is red without exudates or tonsillar hypertrophy; no cervical adenopathy no "swollen glands"; strep test negative.

    Archive 2007-01-01


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