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  • n. In optics, the exit-pupil of a lens system; a circular space within which the eye of the user of an optical instrument must be placed in order to utilize fully the field of view.


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  • There's a bird with a greenish back, and a bright white eye-ring.

    Japanese White-Eye

  • A light eye-ring and russet plumage were mentioned, and while, overall, the birds seemed similar to juvenile House wrens Troglodytes aedon or Grass wrens Cistothorus platensis, Woods mentioned photographs taken in 1975 that seemed to show a longer tail than that present in House wrens.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • You will note that its eye-ring is yellow, and that its under parts are neither bright yellow, like the

    Our Bird Comrades

  • But finally I fixed its place in the avian schedule with the help of my field glass -- white under parts, slightly tinged with yellow, back and rump olive green, top and sides of head delicate bluish-ash; no eye-ring, no wing-bars.

    Our Bird Comrades

  • The last, noticeable for his conspicuous light-colored eye-ring, had somehow become separated from his fellows, and remained for several days about this spot entirely alone.

    Birds in the Bush

  • A yellowish eye-ring, like the creamy color of the breast.

    Citizen Bird Scenes from Bird-Life in Plain English for Beginners

  • White eye-ring, concurs Tommy Harold, a birder by hobby and girl's college volleyball coach.

    Kansas City Star: Front Page

  • Vanikoro White-eye differs from the geographically closest white-eye, the Santa Cruz White-eye by having a longer bill, and different leg and eye-ring colour.


  • Female redheads have a reddish brown head, neck, and breast with a buff white chin and throat and an indistinct eye-ring and stripe behind the eye.


  • Asia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand The male of the nominate subspecies, which is found throughout most of Europe, is all black except for a yellow eye-ring and bill and has a wide range of vocalizations; the adult female and juvenile have mainly brown plumage.

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