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  • n. A cybernetic body apparatus which is designed to allow the visually impaired to perceive color through sound waves.


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Blend of eye and cyborg


  • • Sigh, Eyeborg: Yeah, "eyeborg" -- a guy in micro-camera into his vacant eye socket.

    Warren Ellis

  • Spence, who calls himself the "eyeborg," is the latest example of the convergence of human and machine.

  • "eyeborg" team that won a spot on Time magazine's "50 Best Inventions of 2009" list, for developing a video camera-enabled prosthetic eye.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • Augmented Reality Video - little trailer of cool AR stuff by eyeborg

    Eyeborg Phase II on Vimeo

  • In his late thirties, he began working with a team of engineers and vision specialists to develop a cyborg eye, or “eyeborg,” to replace his damaged one.

    Shock of Gray

  • Spence has posted a video on the Web that shows the removal of his blind eye in preparation for the insertion of the eyeborg.8 It all points to a multimachine future where prosthetics do not just replace body parts but redefine experience.

    Shock of Gray

  • Perhaps that's because he's the world's most famous "eyeborg". | Top Stories

  • Self-confessed eyeborg Rob Spence's story is a real eye opener ROB Spence uses the word "borg" a lot. | Top Stories

  • But it's fast. amazon deal of the day: get a $500 discount on sigma dp1 14 megapixel camera eyeborg: canadian filmmaker installs a red LED into his prosthetic eye


  • Kurzweil Explains Singularity in a Nutshell at TedTalks by eyeborg

    Eyeborg Phase II on Vimeo


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