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  • adj. Without eyebrows.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

eyebrow +‎ -less


  • Who could know that the very fate of a nation rests on a single eyebrowless girl's slim shoulders and the wingtips of a particularly snarky bird.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • With her pale, oval, eyebrowless face set on a swan's neck, her slanted eyes, high forehead, and fair hair skinned up and knotted at the crown, Adele was the image, in repose, of some late medieval princess -- Henry the Fifth's fair Katharine of France.


  • There came a banging on the kitchen door, but before she could reach it in six steps and three bumps, the door was shoved open, and a big chunk of a red-faced, eyebrowless man took the two steps between door and icebox.

    The Dollmaker

  • No one could prove from the bodies of three wounded men, one with three bullet wounds in his abdomen, one with his jaw shot away and his vocal cords exposed, one with his femur smashed to bits by a bullet and his hands and face so badly burned that his face was just an eyelashless, eyebrowless, hairless blister that they were Russians.

    For Whom The Bell Tolls

  • "You have your nerve to come to me," he said, as the eyebrowless young man sat himself comfortably in Johnny's favorite leather arm - chair.

    Five Thousand an Hour : how Johnny Gamble won the heiress

  • The red on our cheeks was getting paler; the powder was becoming paste; the black on the eyebrowless actors began to run down their cheeks; Monsieur d'Espeuilles's wig and mustache were all on one side.

    In the Courts of Memory, 1858 1875; from Contemporary Letters

  • My heart beat high; for, in those four male personages, although complexionless and eyebrowless, I beheld four subjects of the Family P. Salcy.

    The Uncommercial Traveller

  • He's eyebrowless and afflicted with stinkfoot, but maybe this no regulation thing will work out after all!


  • If Republicans, led by the eyebrowless Mitch McConnell plan to try and derail the economic stimulus bill in the Senate to try and stick the Democrats up for more Bushian tax cuts for the rich, here's an idea, Harry: make them filibuster it, the old fashioned way.

    Reidblog [The Reid Report blog]

  • Of course the eyebrowless look has been in fashion magazines and on runways for years.



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