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  • n. A small, light-sensitive patch of pigment in certain algae and unicellular organisms.
  • n. A simple visual organ of certain invertebrates consisting of a sensory ending covered by light-sensitive, pigmented cells.
  • n. A rounded eyelike marking, as on the tail of a peacock.
  • n. Botany Either of two fungal diseases that affect grasses and are characterized by oval lesions.

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  • n. Any of various primitive light-sensitive organs or regions in many diverse organisms.
  • n. An eye-like marking on the tail of a peacock or the wing of a butterfly.
  • n. Any of a group of fungal infections of grasses that are characterized by oval spots.


From eye +‎ spot. (Wiktionary)


  • And here were pairs of brown butterflies called, I believe, the small heath, with a distinctive eyespot on the wing, observed when they came to rest, wings always closed.

    Country diary: Wasdale, Lake District

  • No stigmata, no eyespot for her infamy, no language yet for lies when Lester and Josephine Jukes come to take her away.


  • Carrying this thought further, how could Lamarckism create a complicated organ like the eye, or even a simple eyespot?

    Happy Lamarck Day - The Panda's Thumb

  • Down La Canebière I stroll, heading for the glinting, faraway turquoise eyespot of the Old Port, following women dressed in ankle-length raincoats and Islamic head scarves, long-faced men in frayed djellabas and knit skullcaps, gangly youths with scruffy beards.


  • With the session out of time the last namecheck of the DIY media phenomenon went to eyespot, an online video remixing community.

    January « 2007 « Innovation Cloud

  • Organism with no eyespot experiences a random mutation due to natural forces, which produces some minutely incremental change which happens to move the organism towards an eyespot, and which is somehow promotable by natural selection.

    Kicking the Legs Out From Under the Willfully Ignorant « Whatever

  • How did we go from no eyespot to an eyespot while following the rules we know?

    Kicking the Legs Out From Under the Willfully Ignorant « Whatever

  • And since there are so many different kinds of eyes, there might well be multiple modes of development, many different kinds of eyespots, rather than a single eyespot ancestor that led to human eyes and squid eyes and fish eyes and so on.

    Kicking the Legs Out From Under the Willfully Ignorant « Whatever

  • What those papers failed to do was make even an attempt at describing how the actual physical changes that had to happen for the eyespot to evolve could have been caused by natural/random forces or how the intermediate steps would be promoted by natural selection.

    Kicking the Legs Out From Under the Willfully Ignorant « Whatever

  • Even though I have a video blog (I am an eyespot fan), Peter's videos (And the new Renetto) have really inspired me to take a second look at the possibilities of YouTube.



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