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  • adv. Eye dialect spelling of for instance.
  • n. Example.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Eye dialect spelling of for instance.


  • So ... what's the chance of people in, oh, say, f'rinstance AUSTRALIA being able to get these minicomixthingies?

    Now, Here's the Thing...

  • Kennedy resisted calls for force (just as Obama has done - Mark Levin has repeatedly called Obama weak for not, f'rinstance, actually raining down nukes on the hometown of the Somali pirates).

    More work on the Cory Doctorow painting

  • The main problem with the film is the same as we had in, f'rinstance, "Batman Returns" (the second Tim Burton Batman movie, the one with the Penguin).

    Takashi model

  • I had a million fears because of the previews - f'rinstance, why does Kirk fight with Spock?

    Star Trek - wow!

  • Obama's church - United Church of Christ - is being investigated by the IRS because, you know, non-profit church organizations aren't supposed to be involved in politics, including, f'rinstance, having Presidential candidates speak.

    Need a job this summer? You could be Larry Craig's intern

  • The worker dinos need some straps, f'rinstance, to keep from falling off the statue.

    More Guidolon production art!

  • I wonder, f'rinstance, if Rasul Bogiev's Bronze in judo might somehow reinforce the notion that his country, Tagikistan, could be doing better.

    The most famous woman in all of Thailand

  • PS: what they should really do is not swap Polly with a dinner lady but swap a columnist with ... me f'rinstance.

    Are You A Communitarian ?

  • He's pointed me to a fair amount of cool stuff I've really enjoyed f'rinstance, and has proven a reliably interesting interlocutor.

    Archive 2009-01-25

  • Lots of revelations, such as, f'rinstance, the blathering twaddle about glaciers suddenly receding in places like Mt.

    Global warming on hold....


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