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  • n. Symbol for the femtohenry, an SI unit of electrical inductance equal to 10−15 henrys.


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  • The authors believe that this finding will be important in the treatment of human patients, as it suggests that fH replacement will be ineffective in those patients with DDD that carry C3 mutations.

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  • Dense Deposit Disease (DDD) is a severe kidney disease that has been associated with deficiency in factor H (fH), a negative regulator of the complement pathway.

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  • Biológicas, Madrid, identified a familial case of DDD linked to a gain of function mutation in the C3 gene that rendered the protein resistant to cleavage and inactivation by fH.

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  • The structure also indicates the molecular basis of the host-specificity of the interaction between fH and the meningococcus, and informs attempts to develop novel therapeutics and vaccines.

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  • Pra? erat fH* lius Briganticus, sorore Civilis genitus, ut ferme acerrim\i proximorum odia sunt, invisus avunculo infensusque.

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  • Doceanus, alarmed at * tt * c * fH& m. the conquefls of the Normans, immediately left Sicily, and marched with his army into Puglia, where he at - tacked the invaders near the river Oliviento •, but, after a fierce engagement, he was obliged to retire with confi - derable lofs.

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  • Will pitying Delia join the prayer t S O K G 1100. fH O* Chloe's o«t of faftion.

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  • The New Name of Human Resources Management, Th N N fH R M t

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