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  • n. Symbol for the femtonewton, an SI unit of force equal to 10−15 newtons.


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  • The mexican gun violence is an on going problem, the AWB is still on the table, and the next one they will be going after will be the "cop killer" fN 5.7 (America's Most Wanted/John Walsh's word's not mine).

    Has anybody else heard about the law that passed in Montana?

  • The US media but fN has been grossly biased against McCain/Palin.

    These 6 swing counties could decide the election

  • Get over Clinton allready you fN fascist he has not be president for how many years now?

    Think Progress » DeLay Flies Corporate Jet to Arraignment

  • From _e_ and _f_ raise verticals _eM_ and _fN_, making them equal to perpendicular _G_, and draw line _MN_, which will be the same length as base, or 764 feet.

    The Theory and Practice of Perspective

  • Although they have switched the fN and Ctrl layout, at least they cover all the basics and make the keys seem natural.

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  • Negatives is that it's a black keyboard, and although it matches the color scheme, hunting for fN keys in the dark is troublesome.

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  • For example, suppose Z doesn't know K1 and Z receives fN gK1 from A, then receives fN gK1 from B, and then sends fN gK1 to S, who binds the received ciphertext to v. Assuming A and B each encrypted their own message, it is undetermined whether A's encryption or B 's encryption should be regarded as the 6 If h j; oci is an encryption in a Send event by, then h Z j; oci is its own source.

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  • £ÛâJÙdC / d … b°) ù«W¾] ŠIš£ ‰ … fN -] Æ ‡ ­¹Ñ ‰ nÂéM ¦ 0«Èü8¿´ "‹ - 0&î: + ‡ ü ˜_A~ Ë\í³Ôppn Ò£ñjÏ·'§ïˆc > üUra$8× ¦ ß =]: mÙ1; Š, Ú­žÄüµ˜13@F ‹ ñÞžÿGîn8~6Üb§Q „ µž '; +rÁêèøÚø­§ | ßéÔ¿žâH ™ Õ³') ð¾4Ž" çOf_?

    Tokyo Toshokan


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