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  • n. Symbol for the femtotesla, an SI unit of magnetic flux density equal to 10−15 teslas.


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  • Interesting that Dano in #44 is hitting all four cylinders growth = fT,P,C,N – but does not consider the model mis-specification error that I believe all dendroclimatologists make when they neglect the synergy from the 2,3, and 4-term interactions.

    Bristlecone dC13 « Climate Audit

  • Growth is some function fT,M that takes into account whether the temperature is higher than can be sustained given the available moisture.

    Bunn et al. [2005] – 20th century tree growth in the Sierra Nevadas « Climate Audit

  • Fig. 5.2: Gas yield as a function of temperature and retention time (fT, RT-curves)

    10. Appendix

  • The fT and fMAX remain high for a broad range of drain biases, remaining above 160 GHz up to VDS of 8 V.

    Compound Semiconductor

  • Transistor microwave performance at the peak fT bias of VDS = 4 V and VGS = -5.3 V has been measured (see Figure 7), and extrapolation of the short-circuit current gain | h21 | 2 and of

    Compound Semiconductor

  • Devices with a 80 nm gate length were fabricated on these layers, which show simultaneous cutoff frequencies, fT of 143 GHz and fMAX (U) of 176 GHz.

    Compound Semiconductor

  • Mason's unilateral gain U with a -20 dB/dec roll-off yields a fT of 205 GHz and fMAX (U) of 191

    Compound Semiconductor

  • Other research groups have countered surface depletion effects with aluminum-rich AlGaN barriers and various dielectrics, an approach that has yielded impressive cutoff frequencies, with fT values reaching 190 GHz with

    Compound Semiconductor

  • Increasing the drain bias to a VDS of 5 V resulted in a peak fMAX (U) of 200 GHz with an fT of 188 GHz at a VGS of -5.3 V.

    Compound Semiconductor

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