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  • v. Present participle of fab.


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  • This article will explore digital fabrication (aka fabbing) at a variety of scales which include the curatorial questions raised by these new hybrid industrial design/sculpture objects as well as the implications on the practice of individual artists.

    Serial Consign

  • If you're into the socio-economic potential of "fabbing," you'll probably dig this.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • Of course, fabbing the parts will be a pain in the ass.

    Metal computing, part 1 « The Half-Baked Maker

  • Here are five ways that you can harness the power of fabbing.

    Finally, Yes You Too Can Have a Replicator! | Disinformation

  • MRM is likely to emerge for two primary reasons: the continued need for intellectual property controls, so as to prevent a wave "napster fabbing;" and the need for security to prevent the production of controlled goods "assault rifles," figuratively or literally.

    Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Intellectual property battles

  • So she insisted on fabbing the board, learning how to stuff it, learning how to program it.

    Neil Gershenfeld on Fab Labs

  • Writer Clive Thompson recounts for Wired his experience fabbing an electric guitar via eMachineShop.

    The Speculist: Carnival of Tomorrow 9.0

  • If you think fabbing your own products is still years away, think again.

    The Speculist: September 2005 Archives

  • Bruce Sterling identifies the generative means of production as the key issue within fabbing.

    Serial Consign

  • While it's a virtual certainty that someone, somewhere within Google is paying very close attention to the possibility that ARM-based products may soon make for decent server parts, there would have to be a really compelling performance/watt case for Google to go to the expense of fabbing a boutique ARM design in the kinds of relatively low volumes that it would use for its datacenters.

    Ars Technica


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