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  • adv. In a position so that the face is down: a victim floating face-down in the water.

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  • adv. In a manner such that the face, front, or surface which is normally directed forward for viewing is positioned downward.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

face + down


  • MSNBC reported that Wendell Noyes was taken by ambulance after repeatedly laying down in the family's driveway and rolling around, and video showed him dropping to his knees in the driveway and then laying face-down, with his head resting on his hands.

    Missing N.H. girl's body found in river near home

  • Note that the facts of the case show that Grant was cuffed and face-down when he was shot.

    Matthew Yglesias » Oscar Grant

  • Grant was lying face-down, with both hands behind his back, when Mehserle shot him, Oakland police investigators said.

    Matthew Yglesias » Oscar Grant

  • In this video, two officers seem to be spending a lot of time trying to cuff someone who is face-down on the ground.

    Matthew Yglesias » Oscar Grant

  • He said armed men in black uniforms bound him with plastic handcuffs and forced him to lie on the ground face-down while agents beat him.

    Bahrain police detain, beat rights activist

  • They were crying, face-down on the ground, praying — it was a heart-wrenching scene, Mulinix said.

    Boy progressing after dramatic Pacific water rescue

  • He crawled blindly toward the sound, felt the damp earth, pulled himself forward and dropped face-down.

    Nothing in the World (an excerpt)

  • There wasn't any great metaphor but the day before there was a little dead bird face-down in the snow with its rigid little blue tail stuck straight up in the air.

    Cartoon Music

  • For the 150,000 or so revelers who annually land some face-down upon the city, Louisville is a gracious host who enjoys breaking out big hats and offering up mint juleps while debating whether hometown jockey Calvin Borel will make it his fourth Derby win in five years.

    Days at the Races

  • The extended video of the incident, showing the chaotic aftermath of the spraying, with the crowd screaming "Shame on you!" as the injured students clutch their faces and roll on the ground in pain, as some are cuffed while they lie face-down in the grass, is almost as harrowing to watch as battle footage.

    Robert Koehler: Project Bugsplat


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