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  • v. Present participle of face-plant.


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  • Just as quickly as it had soared, my spirit came face-planting down.

    Should Have Gotten Delivery Instead

  • If you walk while texting be warned: you may end up in the ER for face-planting ...

    Coffee Break: July 25

  • I sat next to Katie, laboring over weighty decisions like how to get a fork up to my mouth, but before I could eat much of dinner, I passed out, face-planting in a plate of mashed potatoes.


  • The only way this will be good is if she first jams the camera between her thighs, then guns down a T-Rex whilst screaming profanity shortly before falling from the top of a cave and face-planting.


  • Right now, those of you who know me in person are sitting there slack-jawed and gaping, assuming that Ed must be some kind of goddamned magician to have kept me from face-planting into the china cabinet or carving up a Persian rug with my high heels.

    I said this world is full of endless abstractions

  • Well, here's one of Spainy-cat, face-planting in her favorite blanket.

    May 25th, 2005

  • It's just too much fun watching you fall all over yourself with some big "scoop" and then face-planting when it turns out not to be true.

    Engadget promotes the iPhone

  • Worse, I tangle my poles in front of me at the very moment the chair sweeps under us, so I barely manage to sit without tripping forward over them and face-planting in front of the attendant.

    Do - Over

  • But hey, if you're a sportsnut like me and it helps you decide, I think an adept windsurfer/snow-skier and what-not (Kerry) is far better than a nine-minute per mile shuffle-jogger who can't keep from face-planting on his "Texas hill-country" mountain bike (Bush).

    secret life of Interstate 10

  • Then, a couple of innings later, he saved at least two runs by making a face-planting catch into the center-field wall of a Miguel Cabrera line drive.

    News -


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